Introduction to Fantasy Art with Fantastic 6

The Gallery of Contemporary Art of the National Museum in Smederevska Palanka is the host of the exhibition “Fantastic 6”. The exhibition runs from Septembar 30 to October 26, 2021

The “Fantastic 6” project consists of a group of painters that has existed since 2016. It brings together renowned creators and friends for decades – Željko Đurović, Željko Tonšić, Vladimir Dunjić, Milan Tucović, Zoran Velimanović i Sergej Aparin. The diverse works of these authors have been exhibited at joint exhibitions in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Užice, seen by more than 8,000 lovers of figurative, surreal and out-of-appearance art.

These are contemporary artists, long recognized by the art public and critics. Unfortunately, two of them left us too early – Željko Tonšić and Milan Tucović. That is why this exhibition is a rare opportunity to re-synthesize their works and the energy they carry in one place.

(Maja Živanović, journalist and art critic)